Cultural Venues for Youth Participation

Rethinking the Role of Youth and Local Governments

October 21-27, 2019

Key words: Cultural Heritage, Creative Use of Public Spaces, Experiential Learning, Intercultural Learning, Active Citizenship

This project was funded and supported by

Deutsch-Türkische Jugendbrücke

İZEKİzmir Eğitim Kooperatifi
Train of Hope

From political to environmental issues, art and culture are very effective peaceful approaches that enable the youth to make their voices heard. In this regard, there are two crucial areas that should not be overlooked: 1) alternative ways of using public cultural venues and art spaces; 2) getting the support of local governments for the youth-led cultural events and more youth participation.

Like many cosmopolitan cities today, Izmir offers plenty of venues that could be in use for community-based learning purposes. From museums to libraries, from cultural centers to public parks, there is plenty of physical space that is available for cultural events in Izmir. This list can be extended to some of the historic and religious sites which are also regularly used for cultural events open to the public. There are many cultural events throughout the year including art exhibitions, music festivals, concerts, dance contents and food festivals. However the youth is not participating in these cultural events or does not get into interaction with these public spaces as much as it should ideally be.

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